Block YouTube, Vimeo and more elements WordPress Plugin (GDPR)

Google knows your:

Search records;

Watched videos;

Viewed ads;


Visited sites;

Devices and applications for accessing the Internet.


  • Site Visitor opens a page with an embedded video.
  • The browser sends dozens of requests to YouTube, Vimeo and other servers.
  • Google analyzes data and identifies a person.

This can be checked manually.

  • Open the test page [link].
  • Press F12 on your keyboard (or Right-click and select «Inspect element code»).
  • Go to the «Network» tab.
Network Tab in Developer Tools in Yandex browser.
  • Refresh the page.

You will see approximately 150 lines. These are requests that the browser sends to external servers. Google, for example, can identify you by it.

More details by the EFF team.


Block YouTube, Vimeo and more elements WordPress Plugin (GDPR)!

As a result — no requests are sent (until the user loads the item).

You can check the link.


Comparison of plugins for YouTube:

Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consenttarteaucitron.jsBorlabs Cookie PluginBlock YouTube (GDPR)
Local imageNoNoYesYes
YouTube for free
Rest for $1.67/month

The EFF team created the MyTube plugin for CMS Drupal back in 2008.

I created a plugin for CMS WordPress.

The algorithm is similar:

  1. On the server side, a video thumbnail is downloaded.
  2. All YouTube videos are replaced with local images.
  3. When you click the Play button, version of the video is loaded.

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